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The secret truth about Donald Trump: The obvious story the media still won’t touch

Donald Trump

Since launching his presidential campaign last year, there have been numerous occasions where Donald Trump’s campaign should have collapsed.

But in this surreal year, Trump’s many “gaffes” — from arguing that Sen. John McCain was not a war hero because he was captured in Vietnam (the silver-spooned billionaire received multiple draft deferments himself) and labeling Mexican immigrants “rapists and criminals,” to advocating a traveling ban on all Muslims  and entertaining the idea of creating a database to track the religious minorities — have effectively helped the celebrity politician. Indeed, Trump’s many ill-advised remarks have attracted such obsessive media coverage that he has essentially received billions in free publicity.

According to a New York ...

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Nate Silver has a Donald Trump problem: Where does data journalism go now?

Donald Trump, Nate Silver

Donald Trump, Nate Silver (Credit: Reuters/L.E. Baskow/MSNBC/Photo montage by Salon)

In 2012, when I first saw FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver making the talk show rounds to tout his site, I was excited. He talked about bringing critical thought to data, striving for better polling analysis, and renewing our collective faith in statistics. He spoke with confidence about the power of pure data analysis as a predictive tool, and I bought every line.   FiveThirtyEight has lived up to some of the early promise, but it is also beginning to see disastrous missteps that are leading some to ask whether there is even a place for data journalism going forward.

Listening to FiveThirtyEight’s Election Podcast the message you’ll hear Silver and his crew repeat the most is a warning against ove...

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We’re just speechless: Transgender equality is “a creepy obsession on the left,” says New Hampshire Union Leader editorial

Transgender Rights Bathrooms

FILE – In this Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015 file photo, a demonstrator holds a sign against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance outside an early voting center in Houston. The contested ordinance is a broad measure that would consolidate existing bans on discrimination tied to race, sex, religion and other categories in employment, housing and public accommodations, and extend such protections to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. The anti-bias ordinance was repealed in a November 2015 referendum. () (Credit: AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

The editorial board of the New Hampshire Union Leader Wednesday released an indictment of the recent lawsuit the Justice Department brought against the state of North Carolina for its anti-transgender “bathroom bill.”

In the editorial, titled “Obama...

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Hard-line right-wing war hawk Max Boot applauds Hillary Clinton in op-ed

A slew of prominent right-wing figures have joined Wall Street in supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

Max Boot, a hard-line war hawk and self-declared “American imperialist,” lauded the Democratic presidential front-runner in an op-ed in The Los Angeles Times on Sunday, citing her as a much better alternative to presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“If I’m not for Trump, who am I for?” wrote Boot, a lifelong Reagan Republican, in the article.

“Hillary Clinton is a centrist Democrat who is more hawkish than President Obama and far more principled and knowledgeable about foreign affairs than Trump, who is too unstable and erratic,” he answered.

“For all her shortcomings (and there are many), Clinton would be far preferable to Trump,” he added.

Boot however stressed ...

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I was wrong about millennials: I’m so sorry I believed the lazy — and wrong — media stereotypes

Just want to say a quick sorry. Seriously, a real apology, to all the millennials whose feelings I might have hurt by making the villain of my recent novel, “The Knockoff,” a caricature of the misguided millennial stereotype.

Every generation has its scapegoats. Generation X had its slackers, those scruffy but strangely sexy characters of “Reality Bites.” Boomers had their hippies and the “Me generation.” Every generation contains top-notch thinkers and doers and creators while simultaneously housing dullards, dimwits and jerks. It’s absurd to ascribe personality traits to an entire generation, but with the label of millennial that is exactly what we have done.

When we think of millennials we think of a homogenous collection rather than a nuanced assemblage of different groups...

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“Great night for America… sad night for Canada”: Ann Coulter, Reince Priebus, John Kasich react on Twitter to Cruz’s exit

Conservative pundits and politicians took to Twitter on Tuesday night following Ted Cruz’s abrupt exit from the presidential election. Cruz announced he was suspending his campaign after losing the Indiana primary to Donald Trump.

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You don’t know if that’s beef: The animals mixed into your meat might shock — and disgust — you

Species substitution is rampant in the seafood industry, but how often do our furry and feathered protein sources get swapped? Was Horsegate the exception or the rule?

In 1995, researchers from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services analyzed over 900 meat samples collected from Florida retail markets; 806 were raw samples of meat and 96 were cooked. For their analysis they turned to proteomics (the large-scale study of proteins). One of the methods they used was ELISA (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay), which is based on antibodies recognizing and binding to specific animal proteins. For this technique, antibodies are developed for specific proteins, such as a heat-tolerant protein found in the muscle of pigs...

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Trump opposed Iraq. Hillary voted for war: Let’s take his foreign policy vision seriously

Donald Trump on foreign policy. You start out thinking this is going to be roughly akin to George W. discoursing on, say, phenomenology or that Camus novel his handlers made him pretend to be reading one summer when the world was waking up to how stupid Bush II actually was. Hopelessly silly, an adventure in buffoonery.

I think we need to think again. I urge everyone to watch Trump as he delivered his big foreign policy banana Tuesday at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. I am not a Trump man by any stretch, and I will not pretend to assign percentages to what Trump got right and what wrong. Only this for now: What he gets wrong he gets very wrong, while what he gets right he gets stunningly, pithily right. It is not a combination destined to prove at all workable...

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Trump’s “reinvention” could be Hillary’s worst nightmare: Why the GOP frontrunner could do real damage

Shortly after the New York primaries last week, a “senior Clinton aide” was in a celebratory mood that apparently inhibited his or her self-awareness, and scoffed at Sen. Bernie Sanders’ tone (which has become scandalous in Hillaryland):

“We kicked ass tonight. I hope this convinces Bernie to tone it down. If not, fuck him.”

While it is still unclear what exactly is so disagreeable about Bernie’s tone (if Sanders was truly running a negative campaign, the FBI investigation and dubious dealings at the Clinton Foundation wouldn’t be off limits, as they have been), it is unlikely that he will just shut up about Clinton’s history of political expediency or her financial ties to Wall Street, because these are real and troubling issues for progressives...

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WATCH: Fox News sends Jesse Watters into Harlem to demand black people explain themselves

On The O’Reilly Factor Thursday evening, host Bill O’Reilly sent roving “reporter” Jesse Watters into Harlem to demand African-Americans explain why their community overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton in the recent New York primary. The responses centered less on her position on racial issues, however. “I hope Hillary wins,” one enthusiastic supporter said, “we need a woman in the White House.” “I like her as a person,” another said, “and it’s a step for the women. We’ve never had a woman president.” Later in the segment — and for reasons that aren’t entirely clear — Watters asked people whether “there are any downsides to having a female president.” “No,” one woman replied. “None?” Watters asked. “None,” she said. “Are you sure?” Watters insisted. “None...

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