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Phil Robertson’s hate speech continues: Why won’t A&E take a stand against its “Duck Dynasty” star?

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson (Credit: A&E)

Why is A&E still supporting Phil Robertson?

That’s the question of the day after Robertson, the family patriarch who stars on the channel’s “Duck Dynasty” program, is raising eyebrows yet again for his virulently anti-gay views. Robertson was a keynote speaker at last weekend’s Western Conservative Summit, an annual GOP conference held in Denver. As LGBTQ Nation reported, the self-described “Bible-thumper” likened the LGBT community to murderers in his speech, responsible for the death of thousands of innocent Americans.

“How many did we lose in Iraq and Afghanistan—with all that firepower?” he asks. “Six or seven thousand. Guess how many were murdered on streets of America during the same time frame? About 160,000...

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“Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson accepts defeat, offers to be Trump’s “spiritual adviser”: “We have to be loyal to the party”

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson (Credit: AP/A&E/Zach Dilgard)

“Duck Dynasty” patriarch and child-bride proponent Phil Robertson appeared on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning and offered Republican front-runner Donald Trump the benefit of his spiritual assistance.

He said he was “on the Trump train,” and that he would do everything in his power — which largely consists of stealing millions of dollars from Louisiana taxpayers to produce a show with dwindling ratings — to get the real estate magnate elected.

Even though Robertson endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz earlier in the primary season, he insisted that “we have to be loyal to the party. I know Hillary Clinton’s record, and Bernie Sanders’. I know their records.”

He acknowledged that he doesn’t know Trump’s, as the businessman doesn’t have...

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2nd body of 2 missing workers found in gravel pit

CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Miss. (AP) — The second body of two men missing in a landslide at a gravel pit in southern Mississippi has been found.

Ray Coleman, a spokesman for the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, says in a statement that rescuers found the body about 9:50 p.m. Friday. The worker was found in a portion of the slurry near the equipment he was operating.

The body of the first worker was recovered Thursday morning inside a piece of equipment.

Officials have not released the names of the employees at this time.

Officials with the Mining Safety and Health Administration say the two men were operating heavy equipment for Green Brothers at a pit in Crystal Springs on June 3 when they were buried in 10 feet to 12 feet of mud, slush and sluice. > duck dynasty

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Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Play Football

I think, as a parent, it is up to us to educate our children the best we can and provide them with the most options possible while advocating for safety measures with our children’s Pop Warner, middle school and high school sports associations.
David Aronchick

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Celebrating the Queens of Scream

Few Hollywood families have owned as much intellectual property within a specific film genre as the Curtis family once owns within horror.
David Aronchick

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About 30 more homes evacuated in Arizona brush fire

PEEPLES VALLEY, Ariz. (AP) — A brush fire forced more evacuations as a precaution near Yarnell, an Arizona community where a 2013 blaze killed 19 members of an elite firefighting crew, officials said Thursday.

The flames broke out Wednesday, leading about 250 people to evacuate their homes close to Yarnell, about 60 miles northwest of Phoenix.

Authorities ordered additional evacuations Thursday, including about 30 homes in the Peeples Valley Area, as they feared the fire might make its way down to Highway 89.

That brought the total number of evacuees to near 300 in the area, but authorities remained confident the fire would not grow out of control and containment could still happen by sometime early next week.

The fire, which is believed to be human-caused, already has burned about 2 squ...

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Rival Cyprus leaders map out intensified peace talks

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — The rival leaders of ethnically divided Cyprus are meeting to take stock of where things stand in reunification talks ahead of an intensified phase of negotiations aiming at a peace deal by year’s end.

President Nicos Anastasiades, a Greek Cypriot, and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci are meeting at a U.N. compound Wednesday to outline the points the agree and disagree on before launching the stepped-up talks.

Anastasiades said this would help make talks more productive by focusing efforts on tackling disagreements in forging a federation.

It’s their first meeting after Anastasiades paused the talks over a perceived bid to diplomatically upgrade the island’s breakaway Turkish Cypriot north.

A Turkish invasion in the wake of a 1974 coup aiming at union with Gre...

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Delegate Update: The latest count in the Democratic race

It takes 2,383 delegates to win the Democratic nomination for president. A look at where the race for those delegates stands, based on an Associated Press count:



These are the delegates won in primaries and caucuses. At the party’s national convention, these delegates must vote for the candidate who won them.

Hillary Clinton: 1,812

Bernie Sanders: 1,521



These are elected and party officials who automatically attend the convention and can vote for the candidate of their choice. The AP has surveyed these delegates several times and noted their on-the-record endorsements.

These delegates, however, can change their minds.

Clinton: 548

Sanders: 46



Clinton: 2,360

Sanders: 1,567

Clinton needs 23 delegates to reach the 2,383 needed to win.


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Fire near Los Angeles damages buildings, prompts evacuations

CALABASAS, Calif. (AP) — A fast-moving brush fire swept through hills in Southern California on Saturday, threatening 3,000 homes, damaging a few and forcing hundreds of people to flee, some with pets and livestock.

The fire erupted in late afternoon in tinder-dry brush as temperatures soared to nearly 100 degrees in the canyons and ridges northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

A handful of fires erupted in Calabasas and the neighboring West Hills area of Los Angeles but the West Hills blaze was quickly doused while the other fires combined and grew to more than 200 acres in a matter of hours, fire officials said.

At its peak, 50-foot-high flames raced along ridgelines and torched trees and brush very close to million-dollar Spanish-style homes below.

Several homes reportedly had some damage...

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